Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 11: The only thing that is change

Well, another day, another meltdown by Danny. And while I'm grateful it's not happening at school, I'm sure these type meltdowns are only happening at home. Lay down, full out crying, "I won't move" stubborn fits that are classic...are growing very old for me. 

I thought today would be an "easy" day since I REALLY need to catch up on housework, Cub Scout popcorn duties and Avon paperwork...and thought I'd take advantage of the flexibility of homeschool. I will NOT make this mistake again. Although Danny loves his new school, he is NOT a fan of change. And since I started the school from day one with the suggested order of my homeschool curriculum and did full days of work from the onset...any change to that is setting Danny off. Thank the Lord he got used to a full day of real work and is using that as his standard! Can you imagine if I'd started off slow and kept adding to get up to speed? Goodness! I guess I do need to look at this as a blessing :)

So, short story, I didn't get an easy day. Believe it or not, Danny melted down because I wanted him to watch a TV show! Granted, it was on the History Channel, but it was a great show on "How the States Got Their Shapes" that I was sure they would love and would kill time in a "good" way rather than some of the cartoon movies the kids watched at school when the teachers needed some "time off". No luck for me! I did get caught up on the dishes and a couple loads of laundry done before I went out for my doctor's appointment and to pickup my granddaughter from school...but not much else. 

And because I needed to get popcorn order forms ready for the boys' den meetings tomorrow night, I've been upstairs all evening getting things ready - and setting off another of Ben's anxiety/self-rage sessions because he couldn't use my computer to play his games. I can hardly begin to fathom where to start on Ben's issues, although I am working on him just as much each school day. We're in our third school week and Ben has settled down into a comfortable work area on the floor with his lapdesk - which is fine, since I bought them with him in mind - and he seems to be happier since last Friday or so. Except for his explosion tonight, I actually saw him smile more than frown the last few days. I saw shades of my happy, not just "good",  little boy. A real improvement! 

I know homeschool is doing good for the boys. I can see the problems are just growing pains. I'm just hoping I can survive until we're all running smoothly!

P.S. Day 10 was our field trip to the USS Constellation at the Inner Harbor yesterday. I thought I'd be waxing nostalgic about that today, but Nooooooooo....:)


  1. I distinctly remember these days well....and don't miss the temper tantrums that take place long beyond when one would think they should. And over things that never should produce a tantrum. But times do get better and homeschooling is a blessing for both you and the boys. I look forward to reading more over the course of the year!!

  2. Thank you, Dcatq8! It means alot to me to know I'm not alone - one of the blessings of a blog. :)