Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 9: Reality Check

It's 11.30am and we are having our second major Danny meltdown of the day. Danny's teachers owe me not only an apology for the way they treated me, but a complete thank you for taking this off their  hands!

Meltdown #1/10:30am: After we had calendar, prayer and Bible, I called a 5 minute break for water and bathroom. Danny headed to the TV room to watch TV and I very nicely and firmly said we didn't do that until the school day was over. Flood of tears. Completely unhinged. We finished break and I decided to switch to math, which Danny loves, rather than do more reading or oral work. He still didn't snap out of it, so I set the timer for 5 minutes and said if he hadn't started his math when the timer went off, the laptop would go to Ben for his math. That worked. After his math, the boys swapped and Ben went to use the laptop for math and Danny came back to me for handwriting. 

Meltdown #2/11:25am: Danny gets started on writing and seems fine - for about 5 minutes. After I show him the new material and he is working on his handwriting sheet, I start to play a kids CD on our school player - and offer him a choice of two CDs to listen to. Wrong idea. He wants a CD that is out in my car in the garage, not right in the room. I say 'no'. Wrong answer. Tears, crumpling into his seat, complete shut down. I guess it's another break. He can't get started for another 30 minutes.

I got them through until 1pm and then we shut down for the day. Thank the Lord. 

Two weeks into school and our theme has been "Beginnings":

  • Studied the beginning of the Biblical world in Genesis
  • Studied the beginning of Christianity in the New Testament/Luke
  • Studied the beginning of the New World in History/Geography
  • Studied the beginning of life in Biology  - cells and their structure
  • Studied the beginning of making letters and numbers correctly in Handwriting without Tears
  • Studied the beginnings of Math (addition, subtraction, place, dates) as review
  • Studied the beginning of spelling - including the word "beginning" lol
Next the beginning of how I can actually keep my dishes done and floors cleaned while I homeschool. This may be harder than anything I teach the kids! :) SEEEeee ya - L

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