Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 4

My son ate dried seaweed today.

This is big. Let me explain.

Today was day 4 of our new homeschool. It went better than any day before and probably because not only are we getting used to the routine, but we didn't stop for anything until after 1pm. Since we didn't start school until after 10am, that's not a big deal and the kids definitely didn't need food until then. So that let us finish ALL our subject, reading included, except for Danny's science. The day just flew by, and after getting through Ben's rolling on the floor boredom fit at the beginning of the day, we all had a blast. 

When we were ready to break, we packed our lunch and headed over to our biggest park nearby to meet a friend and her three girls who also homeschool. Amy was actually a big support when I was deciding to do this because she made it seem so...not simple... Although she's actually a former neighbor who is my daughter's age, she is great fun and wonderful mom so I love hanging out with her. When we got to the park, THEN the boys realized we didn't have their helmets. Well....we are NOT turning around to go the 30 minute round trip to get them. So the boys struggle with the news that we will only be having a picnic lunch and playing on the HUGE playground. I'm glad to say they adjusted pretty well and they played with Amy's girls for two hours. Here's where the seaweed comes in.

My oldest son, Danny, is 10 years old and has ADD and PDD/NOS. He has lots of sensory issues and a result of that is that he only eats about 10 foods and is very picky about what he eats or even tries. The texture, smell, or color of food is enough to give most food a very polite "No thank you" most days. Today Amy brought dried seaweed (this is nori, right?) as a snack for her girls, since they are pretty full-on Paleo these days. I wanted to try it and did a lipsmacking yum which peaked Danny's interest. I think I tried to convince him it tasted like flattened popcorn, and he surprised me by smelling and then eating a whole bite! He didn't wince or gag or anything. When I asked him what it tasted like, he said "it tastes like the air at the Aquarium smells"!! Right on, son, right on. It does :)

So today's PE class was 2 hours of rock wall and playground climbing at the park and then an hour on a neighbor's trampoline after dinner. And we ate seaweed. Nuf said. :)

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  1. You are a wonderful writer. I have been so busy working on my blogs the last few days, I haven't seen too many posts.

    Impressive! I haven't eaten seaweed. Can that somehow work into Science? I am so impressed. One of my grandsons has some things he will absolutely not touch, but he surprises us every once in a while. Maybe, it's a maturity thing. It sounds like your home school is off to a good start. Moreover, you have a friend who is doing it too -- how encouraging.