Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 3 and Counting

August 29, 2012

Well, we're finished our third day of our first time homeschooling - and we are doing it! I realized with the days going so quickly, I'll need a place to keep track of our progress and log what we do all year - for ourselves and for the state! :)

Today's achievements:
  •  After a night of no A/C due to a broken air conditioner, we started school at 10:30am with a sigh of relief we didn't have to rush out the door to public school :)
  • Now that I had done 2 days "by the book", I decided to reverse class order and do science and math in the morning and really sit and work with them. Setting them off to do their own math via the CD and science book with the worksheets seemed as impersonal as what they used to do in public school, so I really wanted to work with them. It was great! Exactly what both they and I needed. We may not get every subject done every day, but that's the point, right?
  • We tried our first "offsite" class with the local ice rink homeschoolers session - and found the ice rink closed due to a broken humidifier. :( Bonus: they gave us free admission coupons for next visit!
Today's issues:

  • Danny Meltdowns: Day 1 - 0, Day 2 - 1, Day 3 - 2. So a pattern is emerging. They happen when he is 1) hungry or wants a different food, 2) around 12:30pm and 3) he is out of the school room.
    • This is quite an awareness. I knew his PDD-NOS diagnosis was going to be the major issue we can help by having him home, so everytime he melts down, I am so glad he is at home and not at school where they don't have a clue.
  • Exhaustion. So....later. :)

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